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Practical Ways To Successfully Deal With Impostor Syndrome

Struggling with Impostor Syndrome is quite tough. The low self-confidence that results from Impostor Syndrome is not something that is cured just by achieving more or getting more successful. It’s deeper than that. Researchers believe that up to 70% of people have ever suffered from Impostor Syndrome. If you’re also suffering from this syndrome, know that there are ways to constructively deal with it.

  • Know that your feelings are not facts: Whenever you feel like a fraud or feel like you’re not worth your achievements, know that all those feelings stem from self-doubt and fear. Find out the reason you’re feeling this way and understand that what you feel is a negative effect of whatever caused you to feel unworthy not because you’re unworthy. Also know that you’re not alone. Your instinctive feelings of unworthiness doesn’t make them true. There are lots of people who have these same feelings. Read success stories of those with Impostor Syndrome and you’ll realize that those feelings people with this syndrome had were not facts but rather the feelings were negative, false, and had to be dealt with.

  • Stop trying to be perfect: Let go of that intense fear of failure. It’s okay to make mistakes. Trying to be perfect is very unproductive and will only worsen things. Knowing that perfection is unrealistic, how far are you willing to go to be perfect? There is really no point. You must not do everything right at a go. Take your time and take some pressure off yourself.

  • Talk to someone about it: If you are scared of getting exposed as a fraud or getting found out to be unworthy about your achievements, expose yourself to someone. When you tell someone you feel like a fraud but the person denies it, it makes you feel better. Expose your feelings to someone. Confess yourself. When you explain the reasoning behind your feelings of unworthiness but people fail to “realize” you’re actually unworthy instead they feel you’re worth your accomplishments despite that, you will feel safer.

  • Own your accomplishments: Accept your accomplishments as a part of you. Don’t regard it as stolen success. Own it. Your achievements were meant to happen. You earned them and you’re doing great. See those great achievements as an opportunity to define yourself in a greater way. If you have a low impression of yourself, you will always feel like you’re not worth those big achievements. Redefine yourself as someone who is worthy enough to achieve what you’ve achieved. You’re greater than you think you are.

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