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The Art Of Minding Your Own Business

Minding your business means letting your mind focus on your decisions, taking responsibility for what concerns you, and leaving the actions and decisions of others to their judgment. It also involves not being consumed mentally and emotionally by the opinions of other people.
People who never mind their business feel inadequate on the inside and always want to know if other people are doing better than them. These people also want to project their miserable feelings on others by judging the decisions and lifestyle of other people. They are also reluctant to look internally and evaluate themselves. Not minding your own business stems from low self-esteem and lack of respect for yourself and others. Most times, people who don’t mind their business usually don’t talk about their lives. They may only boast about their achievements but will often hide things about themselves for fear of being seen as imperfect. They always want to appear better than other people.

Benefits of minding your business

Minding your business helps you to gain and maintain emotional freedom and happiness. You cease to bother about the opinions of others as long as you have sensible reasons behind your actions and your decisions don’t affect them. To neglect unwarranted opinions from other people requires self-confidence. You have to be confident in your sense of reasoning. You must have also developed yourself mentally and emotionally to have confidence in your sense of reasoning.

When you mind your business, you earn respect. For you to mind your business, you ignore the decisions and lifestyle of others as long as you’re not affected. You focus more on yourself. Therefore, anyone who wants to intrude into your space knows they will be ignored too. People hate feeling ignored because it makes them feel like they don’t matter. People will rather let you be than risk that.

People will always confide in you when you learn to mind your business. Minding your business shows that you’re not interested in judging others. People want to feel heard and understood instead of feeling judged.

How to mind your business

  • If something doesn’t affect you, don’t give your opinion: The only time you should voice your opinion is if your opinion is necessary, required, and beneficial. Learn to avoid gossip too. When you’re not responding positively to a gossiper, he/she will get bored.

  • Learn to listen actively: When someone is confiding in you, all they want is a listening ear. Any opinion given will most likely come across as judgmental.
    When you listen actively, you get to see things from the other person’s perspective and that will make you slow to pass judgments. Sometimes, the fact that you’re listening doesn’t mean the whole story was told to you. Be satisfied with the information given to you and don’t probe further. Passing judgments can end up being assumptions because you haven’t been given the full information. This is why it’s better to listen and keep your opinions to yourself.

  • Understand that people are different: If you feel comfortable dealing with an issue in a certain way, that doesn’t mean others feel the same way. The fact that someone took an action and it yielded great results doesn’t mean the same will work for you. You don’t have to be inquisitive about people’s lives or try to compare yourself to them. Know what you want in life and pursue it. What others are pursuing doesn’t affect your own race. You don’t have to force your opinion on others. Let people live life and make their mistakes too.

  • Understand that you’re not better than anybody and vice versa: If you find that you’ve achieved certain things that someone hasn’t, that doesn’t make you better than them. The things you have doesn’t determine where you will be and the same goes for others. The things that someone hasn’t achieved may not be the things that they’re after. You don’t know every detail about someone else’s life so you can’t judge if they’re happier, accomplished, or that you’re doing better than them.

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