The Top Rewards And Sure Ways To Augment Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is having trust in your judgement and capabilities. It’s a strong sense of belief in yourself regardless of your flaws or what others think or say about you. Self-confidence is formed when you love yourself deeply, connect with yourself, and appreciate your uniqueness. Self-confidence makes you to place a high value on yourself. It affects how you perceive criticism and rejection. Someone with self-confidence regards criticism and rejection from a non-personal point of view. Self-confidence gives you the courage to take healthy risks to achieve what you’re passionate about. It also makes you to accept compliments graciously because you know you’re worth those compliments.
The struggle to find self-confidence for most people is a vicious cycle because people without self-confidence find it hard to achieve the success that will fuel their self-confidence.
For example, even if you have passion for basketball, low self-confidence makes you to believe that you cannot be good at it. You may not practice basketball with a healthy vibe because you’ve told yourself that you don’t have what it takes to be good at it and if you eventually lose at a basketball game, you will develop a strong belief that you’re never going to be a good basketball player.
Being confident helps you to inspire people and that makes others look up to you. You gain the confidence of others by being a confident person.
A lot of people fake being confident. The irony of this is, its those with low self-esteem that often fake being the most confident. All that is simply a defense mechanism. Even though they feign self-confidence, they’re often arrogant, boastful, and egoistical. They’re usually defensive when being criticized. They love to pull others down, write off the achievements of other people, and are fond of telling people not to confuse their self-confidence for arrogance. How deplorable!
Having self-confidence is 100% possible and there are practical ways to acquire and augment self-confidence.

  • Represent yourself well: Dress, talk, and walk with confidence. Maintain eye contact while talking and give a firm handshake. Smile without reservation. Be polite and diplomatic. Offer to help whenever you can. You are the marketer of yourself. Ask questions in a meeting. Practice being good at conversations and have a great sense of humor. Pay attention to your posture and body language. Learn to speak slowly and loud enough to be heard. Master something profitable. Learn new things and improve on yourself.

  • Surround yourself with confident people who appreciate you: Being in the company of confident people who appreciate you gives you the impression that if these quality humans enjoy being around you, then you have a lot to offer. It makes you feel like you’re one of them and that eventually influences you to be one of them.

  • Stop following the crowd: Bask in the glory of your uniqueness. Every single thing you do should be aimed at improving and polishing yourself. Stop thinking you have to copy others to be right. You are a complete human being. You know what you want and you know what is right. Don’t depend on others to think for you. Think for yourself. Even if you make mistakes, so does everyone. It’s better to make your own mistakes than to copy the mistakes of others. Learn from your own mistakes, apply the lessons learned, and come out better than ever!

  • Set goals and visualize your success: Celebrate past achievements then set new goals for yourself. If someone criticizes you constructively, don’t use it to judge yourself negatively. Instead, use it as an expo for your success exam.
    Picture yourself achieving your goals and work towards that beautiful picture. It seems hard to believe in yourself right away but once you start working to achieve your goals while applying the right strategy, you will win and your achievements will cause you to believe more in yourself. Note that these goals may not be big. They can be goals like monthly money saving goals. Celebrate little achievements.

  • Despise negative self-thought: In order to despise negative self-thoughts, you must examine the basis of these thoughts. You will eventually discover that they are unreasonable. These thoughts are never real. They just pop-up due to your fears, a wrong perspective about a situation, or due to past conditioning.

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