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Signs You’re Setting Low Standards For Your Relationship With People

Sometimes we get so comfortable in relating with people that we forget to keep a check on our standards. Having low standards give off a poor definition of yourself. When you lower your standards for people, you attract people with low standards as well, and you lose out on attracting people who can make your life so much better. Most times, people who set low standards for their relationship with others are more focused on pleasing others than choosing what is right for themselves. The signs that show you’re setting low standards for your relationships include:

  • You constantly sacrifice your needs to please others: It’s good to make necessary sacrifices for people especially when they’re in dire need but when you always find yourself sacrificing your needs just to please people, it means you’re setting low standards in your relationship with people.

  • You make excuses for people who take you for granted: Respect is a fundamental aspect of human relationship. If respect is missing in a relationship, then that relationship qualifies as toxic. Most people who have low standards don’t care if they’re being taken for granted or not because they don’t know the value of respect and they’re more interested in pleasing people than cutting off from the people who take them for granted.

  • You set high expectations for people way too soon: People with low standards are quick to put people on a pedestal. They’re easily won over and this makes them to set high expectations for people they shouldn’t. The expectations you set for people should be based on your knowledge of them and the depth of your relationship with them. Setting high expectations for people too soon gets you easily disappointed.

  • You place high priority on people who never make you a priority: People with low standards don’t consider if the energy they’re investing in people is about the same energy being invested in them and then later, they wonder why they’re easily taken for granted.

  • Your friends don’t share your values: Friendships are meant to improve the quality of our lives. If your friends are people who don’t have the same values you have, how can they add value to your life?
    Also, if you don’t have any friend you can trust, it means they don’t share your values, and that is a sign that you have set low standards for choosing your friends.

When you stop setting low standards for your relationships, the quality of your life will improve drastically because you will finally be around people who respect you, share your values, and influence you positively.


6 thoughts on “Signs You’re Setting Low Standards For Your Relationship With People”

  1. Having been in an abusive relationship, many of these are learned behaviors that are difficult to unlearn when I’m with someone who is not abusive or controlling. My advice: take it slow. If the other person truly cares about you, they will be patient. If they can’t wait, it wasn’t the right person or time. It’s difficult to take it slow when I’m confused by the excitement of a novel relationship and all the phermones and emotions… But very necessary for a healthy relationship

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