How To Protect Your Sense Of Judgement

Judgement is the ability to use evaluative skills and personal experience to draw conclusions either consciously or unconsciously. Your sense of judgement affects the decisions you make, how you react to certain situations, and how you relate with people. Your sense of judgement can become impaired if you don’t protect it. Your sense of judgement is poor if you always judge situations or people based on experiences, what is in your mind at the moment, and assumptions especially if you refuse to discard your assumptions even when further information that invalidates comes to your knowledge. A good sense of judgement proves you to be a responsible person but a poor sense of judgement causes you to make terrible decisions.
Life is full of various situations and experiences that will threaten to alter your sense of judgement. Your sense of judgement has to be sharp and excellent to make good decisions even under tricky situations. Even if you already have an excellent sense of judgement, it can become altered in a negative way if not protected and that will cause you to make bad decisions in many areas of your life. In order to protect your sense of judgement, there are certain things that need to be considered.

  • Be watchful of the friends you keep: Friendships are a great source of influence. When you keep friends that normalize certain bad behaviors, your sense of judgement concerning those terrible behaviors will become impaired. You need to keep friends that normalize the right kind of behavior and refuse terrible behavior.

  • Watch what you get comfortable or familiar with: Social media is full of the good and the bad. Society tries to enforce different kinds of principles on us. Don’t get carried away with just anything. Don’t let yourself be influenced negatively. The moment you allow yourself to get comfortable with certain things mostly because everybody is doing them, your sense of judgement concerning those things will become altered.

  • Stop sticking to wrong stereotypes and expired traditional beliefs: Learn to update yourself. The world is changing drastically. You need to have the right sense of judgement to assess situations that occur in your present situation. Stereotypes and outdated traditional beliefs will cage your mind and cause you to think within the box when making decisions or drawing conclusions as regards to the present world. Your mode of thinking will be static and you will make costly assumptions if you let wrong stereotypes and outdated traditional beliefs guide your sense of judgement.

  • Fight your destructive addictions: Addictions are very difficult but possible to break away from. The reason why you need to fight your addictions is because they impair your sense of judgements as regards to what you’re addicted to and in other aspects of your life. You need to have a healthy desire for a particular thing so that you can abstain from it whenever the need arises. Whenever you are addicted to something, it controls you and that is unhealthy.

  • Evaluate your mindset about certain things regularly: Various experiences we have in life shapes our mindset about a lot of things. The right mindset can become incorrect if not watched out for. Your mindset affects your perspective, your decisions, the things you get comfortable with, and your sense of judgement. Be willing to let go of the wrong mindset and learn to adopt the right mindset. Evaluating your mindset regularly helps to protect your sense of judgement and gives you a correct and healthy perspective about life.

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